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A1Spring Rolls (2)$5.50
A2Egg Rolls (2)$5.50
A3Mini Spring Rolls (12)$8.25
A4Chicken Wings (6)$10.95
A5Chicken Fingers$10.45
A6Crab Rangoons (8)$7.65
A7Peking Ravioli (6) (Pan Fried or Steamed)$9.35
A8Steamed Vegetable Dumplings (6)$9.95
A9Scallion Pancake$6.95
Jumbo Shrimp Rolls (6)
A10Fried Jumbo Shrimps (6)$10.95
A11Beef Teriyaki (4)$9.95
A12Bar-B-Q Spareribs (6)$13.50
A13Boneless Spareribs$10.95
A14Fried Wontons$6.95
A15Wonton with Spicy Sauce*$7.65
A16Fried Bean Curd$7.65
A17Dun-Dun Noodles*$8.75
A18Pu-Pu Platter (for 2)
Chicken Fingers, Chicken Wings, Egg Rolls, Crab Rangoons, Jumbo Shrimps, Beef Teriyaki, and Boneless Spareribs
A19Beef Teriyaki, Chicken Wings & Spring Roll$14.50
A20Chicken Fingers, Boneless Spareribs & Fried Wontons$14.50
* Denotes Spicy Dish
Additional charge will be added for modifications or substitutions