Full Menu
B1Beef with Broccoli$10.95
B2Beef with Pea Pods$10.95
B3Beef with Mixed Vegetables$10.95
B4Pepper Steak $10.95
B5Beef with Scallion$10.95
B6Beef with Black Mushrooms, Pea Pods, and Bamboo Shoots$12.95
B7Beef with String Beans$10.95
B8Three Delight (Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp)$11.95
B9Hunan Beef*$10.95
B10Kung Pao Beef*$11.95
B11Beef with Black Bean Sauce*$11.95
B12Beef with Tea Sauce*$10.95
B13Beef with Garlic Sauce*$10.95
B14Beef with Szechuan Sauce*$10.95
B15Beef and Chicken with Garlic Sauce*$10.95
B16Beef and Chicken in Hunan Sauce*$10.95
B17Beef with Fresh Mushroom$10.95
* Denotes Spicy Dish