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Chef's Specialties
SP1 General Tso's Chicken* $15.35
SP2 Orange Flavored Chicken* $15.35
SP3 Sesame Chicken* $15.35
SP4 Chicken with Three Flavors
(General Tso's, Lemon Chicken, Chicken with Pea Pods)
SP5 Honey Chicken $15.35
SP6 Sesame Crispy Beef $18.95
SP7 Orange Flavored Beef* $18.95
SP8 Mongolian Beef $15.35
SP9 Sesame Delight $15.35
SP10 Triple Delight $17.95
SP11 Scallops with Spicy Sauce* $19.95
SP12 Golden Crispy Shrimp* $17.95
SP13 Rose Double* $19.95
SP14 Fish Fillet in Spicy Sauce* $19.95
SP15 Crispy Fish Fillet* $19.95
SP16 Happy Flower Basket* $18.95
SP17 Sizzling Seafood $18.95
SP18 Seafood Flower Basket $18.95
SP19 Dragon & Phoenix
(General Tso's Chicken and Jumbo Shrimps in Szechuan Sauce)
SP20 Seven Stars around the Moon $25.95
SP21 Triple Crown with Scallions $18.95
SP22 Crispy Baby Shrimp* $15.95
SP23 Hunan Trio* $16.95
SP24 Sesame Bean Curd $12.95
SP25 General Tso's Bean Curd* $12.95
SP26 Hous Special Duck $18.95
SP27 Peking Duck Half $32.00 Whole $45.00
* Denotes Spicy Dish