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Vegetables & Bean Curd
V1Green Jade$9.95
V2Vegetarian's Delight$8.95
V3Black Mushroom with Bamboo Shoots & Pea Pods$8.95
V4Broccoli and Straw Mushroom with Oyster Sauce $8.95
V5Broccoli with Garlic Sauce*$8.95
V6Mixed Vegetables with Garlic Sauce*$8.95
V7Bean Curd with Garlic Sauce* (Bean Curd and Broccoli)$8.95
V8Eggplant with Garlic Sauce*$10.95
V9String Bean with Garlic Sauce*$8.95
V10Szechuan Spicy Bean Curd with Pork*$8.95
V11Home Style Bean Curd*$8.95
* Denotes Spicy Dish